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Quality Auto Diagnostics and Electrical Repair

Work with the locally owned and operated repair shop that has been serving the Missoula, MT area since 1970.

Rest assured knowing that our certified technicians will figure out your vehicle's issues, no matter how big the problem is.


At Adams Auto Inc, you'll receive

only the necessary repairs after precise diagnosis is made.

Diagnostic testing by certified technicians

Let us get you back on the road by repairing or installing any electrical component in your vehicle. Protect your investment while staying safe and comfortable on the road. Bring your vehicle to the local experts that have been in business for over 45 years. Call us at 406-549-7472 today to discuss your vehicle's performance. Have peace of mind knowing that any part installed on your vehicle will come with a warranty.

Electrical component service and installation

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Does your car currently stall while you're driving it? Is your car consuming too much gasoline? Find out why your car isn't performing as it should or why the power windows roll up slowly. Bring your vehicle to Adams Auto Inc for a complete computerized diagnostic test. Visit our shop today for an accurate diagnosis and a FREE estimate. You can even schedule any necessary repair service at a more convenient time.